Alternative Voices – Ep. 3: Prof. William Black on Austerity and Fraud in the Financial Crisis on
Wednesday October 18, 2017
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Professor William Black joins Greg McInerney to talk about his own background in fraud cases in the US and how the US and Europe are dealing with the financial crisis in different ways. As well as austerity in Ireland and Europe and Germany’s role in all of this.

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Greg McInerney: This is Greg McInerney here for the This is episode three of our Alternative Voices series and we are joined today by Professor Bill Black. Bill is a former bank regulator, a professor of law and economics and also the author of the brilliant book The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One. Bill thanks so much for joining us today.


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A Chance To Get Off The Rocky Road To Nowhere

So the postmortem is well under way. Ireland are out of the European Championship and they have been utterly humiliated. Most people seem to accept that whatever players we played, whatever formation we set out and whatever system we used it is the fact that the players aren’t good enough which has scuppered us. In twenty years we have produced only one player that can truly be said to have been world class. The days are gone when the top six English clubs were littered with Irish squad members. People have lamented these facts yet there has been very talk of how it all came to this and what exactly we can do to turn the tide. The story of course centres around the destination we outsource all of our best footballing talent to: England.

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International Football Is Still The Pinnacle But It Needs To Be Protected

Another International Football tournament is upon us, and while in Ireland this competition has been fervently anticipated (owing to the rarity of us actually qualifying for something) across Europe there seems to be more of an ambivalent attitude towards this particular European Championship. England go into the tournament under a cloud of low morale and even lower expectations, France is still suffering the effects of the hangover from their humiliation in South Africa two years ago with a squad still unloved by many French people. For Spain’s supporters and players motivation is the problem as they have it all already. Italy’s woes are such that their coach accepted that a withdrawal from the tournament might be a blessing. Ukrainian media outlets didn’t see fit to send even one of their own reporters to their nation’s training camp in Austria and they are one of the co-hosts. Having half the tournament in Ukraine given it’s logistical issues as well as fears over crowd trouble hasn’t helped spread the Euro 2012 fever. This tournament then, outside of our own Isle, is one of the least hyped or anticipated of the modern era.

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