The Sky’s The Limit In A Race To The Bottom on
Wednesday October 18, 2017
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“The GAA hierarchy are like the pigs in Animal Farm. Repeating the mantras of volunteerism & community while doing the opposite.” Joe Brolly in the aftermath of the GAA’s deal with Sky Sports.

It was a measure of the changing nature of Gaelic Games that if a story of the GAA selling television rights to Sky appeared in the news ten years ago on April Fools’ Day it would have been instantly recognised as a trick for the day that’s in it. But not anymore, the fact the GAA had already made a deal with Setanta in previous years, the fact that Sky have become incredibly aggressive in the Irish market in recent times and of course the fact that the deal was cynically flighted to the press a week ago to try and restrict the fallout, all meant that once the official announcement came, we all knew that this was no prank. Sky are here and as is their wont they are here to stay.

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After typically protracted negotiations, endemic within the highest levels of boxing, George Groves finally signed the contract to fight Carl Froch for the WBA and IBF super middleweight titles live on Sky Sports News last Friday and put an end to speculation that the most highly anticipated rematch in British boxing since Benn-Eubank in 1993 would not happen.

Despite the irritating and shallow “reporting” by Sky Sports, particularly when it comes to boxing, the rematch should deliver on its promise. The first fight last November was a highly entertaining spectacle, with Groves dominating for the first eight rounds before being controversially stopped by referee Howard Foster in the ninth.

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Written by Conor Hayes

My Amish Paradise

My name is Conor and I don’t want video evidence to have anything to do with football. I feel I had to introduce myself in such a way as the media presents this sort of view as something shameful. The television stations tell us that ‘everyone’ (spectators, managers and players) wants technology to help officials in football and anyone who disagrees is in the ‘dark ages’. As if I’ve said I want us to go back to a time when women weren’t allowed to work or that apartheid was a bit misunderstood. Nope, not the ‘dark ages’ I just want video evidence to have no place in the game. I’m sorry for what I am.

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