The Sky’s The Limit In A Race To The Bottom on
Sunday November 19, 2017
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“The GAA hierarchy are like the pigs in Animal Farm. Repeating the mantras of volunteerism & community while doing the opposite.” Joe Brolly in the aftermath of the GAA’s deal with Sky Sports.

It was a measure of the changing nature of Gaelic Games that if a story of the GAA selling television rights to Sky appeared in the news ten years ago on April Fools’ Day it would have been instantly recognised as a trick for the day that’s in it. But not anymore, the fact the GAA had already made a deal with Setanta in previous years, the fact that Sky have become incredibly aggressive in the Irish market in recent times and of course the fact that the deal was cynically flighted to the press a week ago to try and restrict the fallout, all meant that once the official announcement came, we all knew that this was no prank. Sky are here and as is their wont they are here to stay.

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Written by Mark Jameson

Miserable Out, Isn’t It?

No. The only miserable thing about a cold and/or rainy day, is that everyone keeps running into perfectly warm buildings and complaining about how miserable everything is. You’ve been living on a wind swept ice-rock for years. Wouldn’t you think that by now people would have learned to deal with it? There’s a Russian saying that comes to mind; “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.” That saying applies to our mindset too.

In fact,they could learn something valuable from this man, RTÉ’s weather director Michael Brough; a man who clearly doesn’t give a shit, donning a t-shirt and chest hair on what most would call a “freezing” day, whilst keeping the HR budget down by holding some sort of x-factor/gushie type thing at the 2011 National Ploughing Championship to fill jobs in RTÉ.

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