Net Neutrality, Fast Lanes and Europe on
Wednesday October 18, 2017
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Written by Tadhg Prendiville


Tom Wheeler at the FCC Proposal announcement – Politco/Getty

Net Neutrality is a bit like economics: it’s something that affects the core of how we interact with the world today but also seems incredibly dull and apparently irrelevant to the majority of people until something gets shaken up. And it just so happens that things were shaken up a couple of weeks back when Tom Wheeler the chairman for the  Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the US proposed changes to the future of regulation online. This is something that is being heavily lobbied and supported by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) whilst simultaneously being decried as a death knell for the internet as we know it by the companies of Silicon Valley and a huge amount of people online. Whilst this particular proposal only directly impacts the US, its effects would certainly be felt globally and on top of this there are forces at work attempting to impose similar regulation in Europe.

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Written by Mark Jameson

The Pirate Bay – Man Yer’ Cables!

As many of you are already aware, as of the 11th of July, the infamous Pirate Bay (TPB) will be blocked by all Irish internet service providers. This comes following a high court ruling on the 12th of June that was put in motion by the incessantly idiotic, endlessly backward, and poorly named “Irish Recorded Music Association.”1 (IRMA <– the same group that convinced Eircom2 to bend over in 2009 and volunteer to block the Pirate Bay, for reasons still unclear to those who see clearly.)

The IRMA, composed of music industry giants such as EMI, Sony, Warner and Universal, alongside tin-pot shack dwellers such as “Religion Music Ltd.” and, I shit you not; “Raggedy Records” (whom I am sure suffered greatly at the hands of teenagers and young adults running rampant on the Pirate Bay) have finally succeeded in their common goal:

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