Klopp and Dortmund Bowed but not Beaten on
Sunday November 19, 2017
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Borussia Dortmund players after the 2-0 DFB-Pokal final defeat against Bayern Munich on May 17th - Reuters

Borussia Dortmund players after the 2-0 DFB-Pokal final defeat to Bayern Munich, May 17th – Reuters

On April 21st, a day after Manchester United went down 2-0 to David Moyes’ former employers Everton on what must have been one of the Scotsman’s darkest days of a torrid 10 months in charge, strong rumours began circulating that Moyes was on the verge of losing his job after officially failing to achieve Champions league qualification.

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Can The Inherent Unfairness Of Football Be Challenged?

It appears that the Premier League title race may yet come to an exciting conclusion. Whatever happens this May though,  it is hard not to feel that Manchester City will be back stronger than ever this time next year and capture the league. They will surely turn to the bottomless oily pockets of their owner and gather what they need to cross the line and go one better. Or can they? Football’s elephant in the room, Financial Fair Play is coming and already last January, Mancini mentioned that it was affecting his spending plans.

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