Lacking Trasparency: The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership on
Sunday November 19, 2017
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In 2010 the US mining and gas company, Renco, managed to successfully avoid having to pay compensation to Peruvian locals who were harmed due to pollution by their companies by successfully using a provision of the Peru-US Trade Agreement. Not satisfied with avoiding having to pay compensation, the company has since demanded $800 million from the Peruvian government as they argue that one of the companies they own, Doe Run, was forced into bankruptcy due to an expensive pollution clean-up which the Peruvian government required Doe Run to conduct.

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Written by The Melting Press

Violence, Protests Spread From Ukraine Capital –

The Press

Some 25 people were killed with 240 hospitalized in Ukraine last night as government forces attempted to restore order in the capital Kiev. It was the deadliest day in what has been a month of unrest in the eastern European country. The U.S.and Europe have firmly backed opposition forces in hopes of integrating Ukraine into the European Union whilst Russia is seen as an ally of the government.

The Melt

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Written by Conor Hayes

Growing up watching sport at the beginning of this century the green and gold of Australia was almost synonymous with winning. They captured the Rugby World Cup in 1999 and were a whisker away from retaining it in 2003. Their cricket team were simply the greatest side ever assembled and won three World Cups from 1999-2007 and – 2005 aside – continually hammered England in the Ashes. They hosted a wonderful Olympics in 2000 and finished a staggering (given their population) fourth in the medals table. Also around the turn of the millennium they had the world’s best tennis player in Lleyton Hewitt who in these pre-Federer days looked set to dominate his sport. Ian Thorpe too, long before being eclipsed by Micheal Phelps was all set to be remembered as the Spitzian swimmer of our time.

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Google Fined $200k For Refusing To Censor Search Results

In yet another wild reactionary move, the Australian courts have decided to hold Google responsible for everything on the internet.

Google has been fined $200,000 for refusing to suppress results which lead to websites that claimed a music promoter, by the name of Milorad Trkulja (pictured above), has ties to organised crime.

The bottom line, according to the immaculately flawed logic of the court, is that Google is legally a “publisher” by proxy, through linking to “offending” sites.

To Google’s credit, they took it well; respectfully disagreeing in their statement, whilst also giving the massively uninformed Australian courts a quick and much needed lesson on internetz:
“Google’s search results are a reflection of the content and information that is available on the web. The sites in Google’s search results are controlled by those sites’ webmasters, not by Google.”

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Wales Fail To Deliver As Wallabies Claim Bronze.

Match Report Of The Rugby World Cup Third Place Play Off Between Wales and Australia.

Welsh hopes for a good start to this third place play off did not survive very long after the starting whistle. The intensity that Australia showed at the beginning of and applied throughout the match had the lack lustre Welshmen on the back foot from the get go. O’Connor showing himself in the opening minutes with a good run, Quade Cooper however damaged his own team’s advancement with a knock on ten metres from the opposition’s try line.

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