‘A State Within A State’ on
Wednesday October 18, 2017
Written by Cormac Flood

Recep Tayyip Erdogan addressing a crowd - euronews

Recep Tayyip Erdogan addressing a crowd - euronews

Turkey, which over the last year could hardly be described as an incubator for civil liberties, has this past year been engulfed in political chaos. It’s reputation which it has tried hard to put forward as a secular, moderate gateway to the east from Europe, and a viable member of the EU, is almost completely in tatters. It currently holds the unpleasant title as the country with the most imprisoned journalists on the planet, it is ranked 154th in the press freedom index, and it has what can only be described as a selective historical memory when it comes to Armenians. This nation has over the past year been involved in what can only be described as a governmental crisis. This crisis, which stems from a corruption probe which has sunk its teeth into the heart of governmental power and authority has threatened various power brokers nation wide. This is an on-going and real tale of political intrigue within one of NATO’s most valued countries; including foreign backers, shoeboxes full of dollars and the constitutional limits of power which keep a leader in check.

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Written by Tadhg Prendiville


Tom Wheeler at the FCC Proposal announcement – Politco/Getty

Net Neutrality is a bit like economics: it’s something that affects the core of how we interact with the world today but also seems incredibly dull and apparently irrelevant to the majority of people until something gets shaken up. And it just so happens that things were shaken up a couple of weeks back when Tom Wheeler the chairman for the  Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the US proposed changes to the future of regulation online. This is something that is being heavily lobbied and supported by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) whilst simultaneously being decried as a death knell for the internet as we know it by the companies of Silicon Valley and a huge amount of people online. Whilst this particular proposal only directly impacts the US, its effects would certainly be felt globally and on top of this there are forces at work attempting to impose similar regulation in Europe.

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In 2010 the US mining and gas company, Renco, managed to successfully avoid having to pay compensation to Peruvian locals who were harmed due to pollution by their companies by successfully using a provision of the Peru-US Trade Agreement. Not satisfied with avoiding having to pay compensation, the company has since demanded $800 million from the Peruvian government as they argue that one of the companies they own, Doe Run, was forced into bankruptcy due to an expensive pollution clean-up which the Peruvian government required Doe Run to conduct.

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Written by Cormac Flood

With much happening in Ukraine, Venezuela, Turkey, Thailand, the Olympics in Russia, the GSOC scandal here at home and many other relevant and resonating goings-on, a person could be forgiven for not watching the less reported, but equally as poignant, unfolding events from around the globe. As the dust settled for the moment in Kiev and Crimea heated up, another important European story of on-going unrest and turmoil in the small ex-Yugoslavian state of Bosnia-Herzegovina was occurring.

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Written by Tadhg Prendiville

I visited Ukraine for several days back in 2010 and although the Ukraine I saw was very different to the one flooding news and social media streams in recent weeks, there were signs of the factors that brought the country to a boiling point over the last few months. Of the week I spent in the country, during a peaceful summer, one thing that stood out even then was that it was a divided country. The divide I noticed didn’t seem like a clear cut case of the Ukrainian people vs a pro Russian government as has largely been reported by various news outlets up until the tail end of this week. The divided country I experienced was a cultural one, it included the two sides that have been presented to us time and again on major news outlets, and also many other groups both large and small in the middle ground and on the extremities of the political spectrum.

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Written by Sean McCarthy

Hello. My name is Sean and I have a problem. I have a problem with Irish drinking culture. The prominence of #neknominations in recent weeks has really made me think about the level to which drinking obscene amounts of alcohol and glorifying it to each other and the world is acceptable.

But it also alerted me to the fact that most people of my age only grudgingly adhere to the mantra that “drinking makes you cool”. Through the magic of the Book of Faces, I saw a lot of angry friends who seemed to only complete their challenge out of a perverse sense of duty. Maybe it was for fear of being cursed in the same way that breaking every other stupid chain-letter threatens. But at the same time it makes me wonder why most people still engage in similar behaviour in their ‘local’ or in a nightclub, and yet there are no tabloid headlines or editorial pieces for that. Only very seldom will an article be written about the prominence of underage binge drinking in a “will-someone-please-think-of-the-children” tone, while not really asking or answering the salient questions about our drinking culture.

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Ireland’s Economy Didn’t Crash, It Never Existed

It’s been almost five years since the crash of ’08 catapulted the Irish from their delusions of grandeur into a barren economic wilderness and yet the country still seems perpetually lost. To be frank, it is a depressing place to be. We are a nation without sovereignty. The same technocrats and bankers that gorged the rest of us into famine compose a merry tune for our utterly vapid and inept political class to whistle along to. Political dissent is non-existent, replaced by a communal drizzle of apathy interspersed with occasional phone calls to our own Che Guevara, Joe Duffy. Talk of tightening belts and keeping our heads down usurp more appropriate metaphors containing deck chairs and sinking ships.

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Greece And The Resurfacing Of European Fascism

Greece in 2012 is a nation of economic and social despair. Between 2009 and 2011 the economy shrank by 11% due to this quality of life for the average Greek citizen has fallen dramatically. The minimum wage has been cut by more than one fifth (22%), more than 30,000 civil servants have been suspended and are only on partial pay with plans to reduce the overall amount of public servants by 150,000 before 2015, unemployment is at a staggering 26% as of August of this year which is up from 7.2% in 2008, mass privatization of public assets and services are due to happen with €50billion being the target of capital raised and also €300million being cut from the pension bill this year alone. This too comes with the recent findings that Greece is ranked as the most corrupt country in the EU and 94th world-wide.

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Written by Greg McInerney

It’s Not Us, It’s You

The United States and Ireland have apparently always maintained what political figures on both side of the Atlantic term in unison cliché, “a special relationship”. As with all clichés there is of course a remnant of validity. Ireland’s history of mass emigration to the United States has germinated a rich Irish-American culture that continues to this day and in reciprocation the United States represents the second largest tourist market to our own island. However the United States is far from monogamous in its bilateral love-ins. U.S. governments have always spoken of their special relationships with Britain and Israel amongst others and it is the company of these bedfellows that should lead us to wonder if it is in fact a relationship worth having.

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Response: Misinterpreting Personal Guilt

Below is a response to an Irish Times article by Kathleen Lynch entitled “Charity no substitute for action on inequality.” Now, I will try to structure this as best I can, which will prove difficult; as the idiotic reasoning in the article I’m referencing is rampant, overwhelming even. I don’t say it lightly when I question how this was even published. I will also be skimming a bit, as her piece is quite long, and I could ramble for hours about it. I will spare you the majority of it and address the key points.

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