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Sunday April 20, 2014

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“The GAA hierarchy are like the pigs in Animal Farm. Repeating the mantras of volunteerism & community while doing the opposite.” Joe Brolly in the aftermath of the GAA’s deal with Sky Sports.

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In Greek mythology, Sisyphus, being punished for his deceitfulness, was compelled to roll a boulder uphill for eternity only to watch the rock slide down the slope every time he reached the summit. If you want to similarly creatively chasten an Irish person, you could arrange that they must watch the frantic denouement to Ireland’s 2014 Six Nation’s campaign over and over without ever getting the relief of Steve Walsh’s final whistle.

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In 2010 the US mining and gas company, Renco, managed to successfully avoid having to pay compensation to Peruvian locals who were harmed due to pollution by their companies by successfully using a provision of the Peru-US Trade Agreement. Not satisfied with avoiding having to pay compensation, the company has since demanded $800 million from the Peruvian government as they argue that one of the companies they own, Doe Run, was forced into bankruptcy due to an expensive pollution clean-up which the Peruvian government required Doe Run to conduct.

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Professor William Black joins Greg McInerney to talk about his own background in fraud cases in the US and how the US and Europe are dealing with the financial crisis in different ways. As well as austerity in Ireland and Europe and Germany’s role in all of this.

Download here.

Greg McInerney: This is Greg McInerney here for the This is episode three of our Alternative Voices series and we are joined today by Professor Bill Black. Bill is a former bank regulator, a professor of law and economics and also the author of the brilliant book The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One. Bill thanks so much for joining us today.

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Written by The Melting Press

Sharp Fall in Exports Last Year Shrinks Irish Economy – The Irish Times

The Press

The Irish economy contracted again last year on the back of a sharp fall-off in net exports linked to the so-called pharma patent cliff. Preliminary figures published today by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) showed gross domestic product (GDP) contracted by 0.3 per cent last year

The Melt

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Written by The Melting Press

Flannery Got 60,000 Euro a Year to Lobby for Charity – The Irish Times

The Melt

Former Fine Gael strategist Frank Flannery was paid €60,000-a-year by a charity in a campaign to seek tax changes from the Government to boost philanthropic donations from wealthy people. The contract was with Philanthropy Ireland, an association of foundations which was a member of a forum chaired by Mr. Flannery that brings State and private interests together to promote philanthropy.

The Press

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Written by The Melting Press

Mexico Drug Kingpin Killed in Clash with Police – Reuters

The Press

A Mexican drug lord, Nazario Moreno who had reportedly been killed in 2010 has died after clashes with Mexican police on Sunday morning.He had previously been reported being fatally shot during a 2010 shootout, however no body had been found.This time however fingerprints were matched confirming the drug lord’s death. This alongside the capture of Joaquin Guzman last month,  has been earmarked as a major victory for the government in its war on drugs.

The Melt

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Written by Tadhg Prendiville

I can’t recall a point where I didn’t imitate or wish to become like characters from TV shows, movies, books and games. Like most kids I played cops and robbers, the blissfully ignorant and politically incorrect cowboys and indians, power rangers and whatever other childish fantasies you can think of from the 90s or even before given Irish televisions propensity to show reruns of shows decades old, the likes of the Man from U.N.C.L.E. and the A-Team were right up there too.


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Written by Cormac Flood

With much happening in Ukraine, Venezuela, Turkey, Thailand, the Olympics in Russia, the GSOC scandal here at home and many other relevant and resonating goings-on, a person could be forgiven for not watching the less reported, but equally as poignant, unfolding events from around the globe. As the dust settled for the moment in Kiev and Crimea heated up, another important European story of on-going unrest and turmoil in the small ex-Yugoslavian state of Bosnia-Herzegovina was occurring.

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Written by The Melting Press

Russia test-fires ICBM amid tension over Ukraine - Reuters

The Press

Russia launched a test nuclear missile during the middle of the Ukrainian-Crimean crisis.  Although the launch was scheduled before the current international tensions, and the US was notified well in advance.

The Melt

Although the article itself clears up the circumstances the headline is nothing but sensationalist click bait. The fact that this test fire is being flaunted as a headline all over the web is completely absurd, and just seems to be attempting to milk what has been just short of a hysterical look at Russian actions and potential actions concerning Ukraine and Crimea.

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Pussy Riot's first English language interview by none other than Brendan O'Connor. The world is a bizarre place...

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